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A huge part of achieving success wealth and influence depends on the relationships you build. Allow me assist you with some of my life changing products.

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Juliet Israel is an irresistible writer using stories to address real life situations. She is also an editor by practice and a certified relationship coach who has a track record of giving cogent relationship tips and advice.

Even with an international degree in Accounting, she specializes in transforming life and relationships through her monthly therapy session.

Apart from writing, Juliet Israel enjoys singing/listening to music and reading.

Her mantra, question popular demands and challenge mediocre thinking has made her ask real life questions hovering around the human race and has found answers to some.


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How to Turn Your Smartphone Into A Smart Bank

Hey friend! I have got a special gift for you But just before I let it out, I need to tell you a story. One day, a young man, ambitious for success, walked up to a philosopher and said: “Oh great philosopher, I want to be as wise and knowledgeable as you.” The philosopher, who […]

payment solution

Flutterwave: The Only Payment Solution For The Global Economy

Africa is fast becoming a global economy in this new digital space. Most organizations based in other first world countries find it difficult to penetrate the Africa market due to the faulty payment system in Africa. Flutterwave thrives to be the only payment solution for the global economy. Flutterwave is here to make it possible […]

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