30 Days Sales Booster Pack

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you create content on social media but can’t seem to get the kind of engagement you want?

Maybe you even have a Facebook group or an email list or a large following on Instagram, but every time you make a post or do a Facebook live or IG live, you feel like you’re talking to yourself?

Or you’ve been enlightened as to the power of using your published assets (e.g your books) to add an extra income to your business or to even begin your business; but when you do your book launch, the responses make you feel like you wasted your time?

Or have you got an idea that you think would bring you so much money but you sit on it?

Ah! Ideas don’t make people money. Who idea epp? It is the gut to work on that idea until it eventually generates money that does work.

Having an idea is not the problem, but sharing it to the world and having it accepted, that’s where the bulk of the work lies.

What if I show you how to go from zero to multiple Naira zeros in just 30 days? Would you want that?

Is this for me?

Now, this is for you if you are:

  • A coach
  • A trainer
  • A speaker
  • An author
  • A network marketer
  • A stay at home mum or dad
  • A corporate staff in need of an extra inflow of cash
  • A business owner who wants to scale his/her business
  • A digital marketer
  • Someone who has a skill
  • Someone who has a phone or laptop, internet connection and a brain.


  • 30 days daily task. You will be held by the hand and told exactly what to do and what not to do for the next 30 days.
  • Daily motivational videos to keep you on your feet and help you not give up on your goals
  • An accountability partner. It is easier to get tasks done when you have someone pushing you to do it.
  • How to build your online influence.


For buying this course, you also get these bonuses attached to it.

  1. The ultimate guide to making sales.
  2. The checklist for having an online launch party
  3. 7 Steps to raising money for your goal/business idea even if you have no money.
  4. The Ultimate Reason People don’t buy from you.Facebook Live Cheat.

All in PDF files.

This is a Step By Step Guide To Boost Your Sales In 30 Days


I actually didn’t think I’ll pull this through in 30 days. I knew I needed change but maybe I wasn’t ready for it, I was scared. But within the first 3 days of starting this course, all my worries disappeared. I WAS SURE ON WHAT TO DO.


This course remains the best thing that has happened to me in time past. It was completely transformational and the effect still speaks till date. Though I am yet to launch out, I can’t wait, because I already see a victory. I’m just getting my product ready.


When I first started, it was just to give something new a try. I didn’t think it was that easy. But the daily tasks, the videos and all other materials helped shape my thinking into believing it was possible and in just one week of my launch, I have already raked in 6 figures. Thank you.



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Cheers to a greater you!



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