How to Turn Your Smartphone Into A Smart Bank

Hey friend!

I have got a special gift for you

But just before I let it out, I need to tell you a story.

One day, a young man, ambitious for success, walked up to a philosopher and said: “Oh great philosopher, I want to be as wise and knowledgeable as you.”

The philosopher, who happened to be Aristotle, looked into the eyes of this young man, and shook his head. The young man was confused. After a few minutes of silence, this wise philosopher asked him: “What do you say you want?” The young man said: “I want to be like you.”

Aristotle looked into his eyes again and said: “Follow me.” He took this young man to a river, held him by the hand and led him into the river. They both walked till the water was somewhere above their waists. “What do you say you want?” Aristotle asked.

“I want to be as wise as you,” he replied, sounding serious. Aristotle placed his right hand on the boys head and dipped his head into the water. After 10 seconds, he brought the young man’s head up and asked him: “What do you say you want?” To which the young man replied

“I want to be as wise as you” Aristotle dipped the young man’s head again into the water and held him down for 30 seconds. Brought him up and asked him the same question. And the young man gave the same answer. Aristotle then placed both his hands on the boys head and dipped it into the water, but this time, holding him down much longer.

5 seconds… 10 seconds… 30 seconds… 45 seconds… 60 seconds… The young man began to run out of breath. He tried to lift himself out of the water, but the philosopher’s grip was too 120 seconds passed and the young man began to struggle and throw his hands.

He was drowning. 2 minutes passed and the young man was almost passing out. Just before the 3rd minute, Aristotle released his hold and pulled the young man out. The young man was panting and gasping for air, breathing so fast and heavily.

Then Aristotle, with a loud voice of authority, asked him: “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” The young man gasped and yelled: “Oxygen. I need Oxygen. I need air. I need air.” Aristotle looked at him and said:

“If you can desire wisdom and knowledge the way you just desired air, you will get it and nothing on earth will stop you!” He walked away… … This story is me and you. If anyone asked you, you’d say you desire to succeed. But your desire is seen through your action.

If you can desire success as much as the air you breathe, NOTHING WILL STOP YOU.

A lot of people claim to desire success, but not many people desire it like the air they breathe.

People search for “How to make money online” but when they finally see what they need to do, they back out.

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