What is your Driving Force?

Stop wasting your time setting goals when you don’t know Your WHY.

Recently, I talked about why you need a HOW to achieving your goals. Because if you know what to do but don’t know how to do it, you may never get a thing done.

But, If you don’t know your WHY, your WHAT and HOW will gradually become obsolete when there’s no more passion to drive you to accomplish it.

What’s the essence of doing something you don’t know its worth or value?💁

I had a friend back in school who graduated with a first class.

When asked how she achieved that feat, she stated that ‘she was the first child from a very poor background. The future of 5 siblings👩‍ rested solely on her shoulders and was only privileged to earn a scholarship🎗 which she didn’t take for granted.’

So, instead of partying🎂 like every other girl would, she spent days-even nights at the library….studying📖 hard to ensure she succeeds.

You see that?🤗

That was her why…..

Her family was the reason she stayed up, endured pain, and forfeited pleasure to come out the best.

I learnt this first from our Boss Zubi⁩, the first time he talked about it, I immediately put it to practice.

Normally I don’t like staying up beyond 12 am….-I love to sleep o🙈

But, ever since I knew what and why I wanted to achieve what I was working at, I cared less about the pleasure and for 2 nights, starved myself of sleep…..something I’d never do if I hadn’t known my WHY.

In 2019, if you must crush your goals, there has to be a strong WHY backing those goals.

Forget about the goals for a moment and ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to achieve this?’

Once you have your WHY visibly spelt out, the goals becomes easy to crush because your WHY automatically becomes your driving force.

Cheers…..to a greater you in 2019

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